Utility of Cloth Masks in Preventing Respiratory Infections: A Systematic Review

Agnibho Mondal, Arnavjyoti Das and Rama Prosad Goswami

Extraction of Data from the Included Studies

Maclntyre et al.Relative riskTable 2
Filtration efficacyLast paragraph of Results sectionCalculated from penetration
Chughtai et al.Percentage of complianceTable 2
Risk ratio from multivariate analysisTable 3
van der Sande et al.Inward filtration efficacyTable 2Calculated from penetration factor
Rengasamy et al.Filtration efficacyFirst paragraph of results sectionCalculated from penetration level
Davies et al.Filtration efficacyTable 4Calculated from colony forming units
Shakya et al.Filtration efficacyFigure 2 & 5Graph digitization
Neupane et al.Filtration efficacySection: filtering efficacy
Konda et al.Filtration efficacyTable 1
Ma et al.Filtration efficacyTable 2
Cooper et al.LeakageTable 3